On this page you will find a selection of photos from some of our magical slumber party set-ups (The Grand Deluxe Double Lace Teepee; Tropical Flamingo; Game On!; Soccer Slumber; Glitz and Glamour; Movie Magic; Roarsome Dinosaurs; Treasures of the Sea; Ocean Adventures; Christmas Candy Cane; The Spa at Sleepy Teepee), click on any photograph for a larger image. We have also included a few videos to give you an idea of our magical set-ups. If you cannot see a theme that suits your needs, drop us a message and we will help to design a personal sleepover setup for you. All of our special themes are also available for play dates. Perfect for those who would prefer a party during the day or for children who are not quite old enough for a sleepover.

Grand Deluxe

Tropical Flamingo

Game On!

Soccer Slumber

Glitz and Glamour

Movie Magic

Roarsome Dinosaurs

Treasures of the Sea

Ocean Adventures

Woodland Fairies

Christmas Candy Cane

The Spa at Sleepy Teepee

A few of our Favourite Videos